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Penntek, established in 2010 by Kyle Baynes, was born out of a simple desire to install the best coatings in the marketplace. Frustrated with the existing floor coatings available on the market in terms of quality and ease of installation, Kyle began working with a team of chemists to create a floor coating that he could feel confident in putting his name behind.

Initially, Kyle had no intention of selling his innovative floor coatings nationwide. However, good news travels fast. Soon enough, numerous coatings companies expressed their interest in offering his line of products. Today, Penntek boasts a network of over 125 dealers in 200 markets across the country, and while the business has grown, the heart of Penntek has remained unchanged. At Penntek, we aim to manufacture the highest quality products while partnering with our dealers to run successful businesses.

The Industrial Concrete Flooring Experts

Penntek burst onto the scene ready to offer products that would change the market—and we’ve done just that. Our award-winning solutions are durable, beautiful, and boast safety features that can help to greatly reduce workplace slip-and-fall accidents. We offer a full line of coating solutions including:

Our commitment to providing an exceptional level of quality and service has made us an industry leader. We partner only with dealers who demonstrate the same commitment to quality that we have, so customers who choose Penntek can be sure of getting access to the best products and service on the market.

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