What To Look For In Driveway Coatings

When a concrete driveway doesn’t have a high-quality coating, it can develop cracks and a worn appearance. Choosing a driveway coating will help improve the performance of your property.

However, you must choose a driveway coating that is best suited for your home. As a professional concrete coating company, we have the expertise to help you pick the perfect driveway coating option.

This article will cover what characteristics to look for in a driveway coating.

Weatherproof Seal on Driveway

The most important feature of any driveway coating is its weather resistance. A coating needs to be able to handle UV rays, water, and even snow.

If a driveway coating doesn’t have the correct seal, it can cause the concrete to be damaged. When working with a concrete coating company, you need to confirm the capabilities.

Added Skid-Resistance

While driving on your home’s driveway, a skid-resistant finish can help during harsh weather. When a tire can’t gain traction on a standard driveway, the skid-resistant finish will help.

Even with heavy use, a high-quality driveway coating will continue to offer traction for many years. You can count on your driveway to keep your car stable in rain and snow. 

Uniform Color Design

A driveway coating is largely for performance, but it also helps improve curb appeal. If you want to maximize the appearance of your home, you should select the ideal color.

Some of the common color options for driveway coatings are:

  • Grey
  • Beige
  • Brown
  • Red

When you apply one of these colors to your driveway, you can create a beautiful look. However, you need the help of a professional concrete coating company for the job. 

Fast Cure Time on Coating

If you want to minimize the time required to apply driveway coating, you should choose a product with a fast cure time. At Penntek Coatings, we complete projects in as little as 24 hours.

Once the driveway coating cures, you can count on it lasting for many years to come. A driveway coating should last 15-20 years with normal usage. 

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