The Benefits Of Polyurea Floor Coating

Whether you’re reflooring a high-traffic commercial kitchen or simply looking to give your warehouse employees some surer footing, there are two things you can rely on polyurea floor coating to provide, regardless of your trade: durability and safety.

Recently, polyurea flooring has become the standard for innovative residential and commercial floor coating, but prior to that, epoxy was the material of choice. Even still, a sizeable sector of industrial garages, factories, locker rooms and showrooms sport epoxy floor coating.

There are a couple of reasons for this; first and foremost, epoxy is less expensive than polyurea and has been billed for years as a suitable D.I.Y. alternative to hiring flooring professionals. Second, epoxy, despite not being as durable or flexible as polyurea, still has a lot of resistant properties that makes it ideal for many industrial workers, such as high chemical, abrasion, heat and UV resistance.

How Polyurea Compares to Epoxy

Comparing the properties of polyurea and epoxy, there are more similarities than differences, which may surprise some since polyurea is widely regarded as the more modern, innovative solution. The quality discrepancy lies in the greater degree of reliable durability you’ll enjoy with a polyurea floor. Polyurea floor systems are less likely to discolor or delaminate because of consistent abrasive contact, sustained pressure or prolonged heat exposure.

Polyurea also cures much quicker than epoxy and grants greater material flexibility, making it the ideal choice for those covering an unconventionally shaped floor. Since polyurea dries so quickly, though, it’s considered more of a tool for professionals than weekend warriors.

Award-Winning Polyurea Floor Coating

Luckily, Penntek is no stranger to delivering premier, industry-leading floor coating service. Whether you prefer the long-term reliability of polyurea or the cost-effectiveness of an epoxy solution, Penntek products suit a vast variety of industrial applications, from commercial kitchens to restrooms, pool decks and walk-in refrigerators.

For those looking to improve work area security, each of our floor coating systems features a non-slip texture, as well as a pre-tint color infusion to guarantee a uniform hue and satisfy those that put aesthetic and design above all else. Most importantly, every Penntek customer enjoys complete peace of mind and investment confidence since each of our solutions is backed by a 15-year manufacturer’s warranty.

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