Steps For Planning A One-Day Garage Floor Coating Service

A one-day garage floor coating avoids the frustrating application times of traditional concrete coating services. However, to achieve a fast installation, you need to plan beforehand.

From the style to the safety features, having a set plan makes the process much smoother. As a professional concrete coating company, we have the steps you need for a one-day garage coating.

This article will cover what you need to do before your garage floor coating service.

Moving Items Off The Flooring

Before the garage floor coating service can begin, you will need to remove the items off the floor. From the vehicles to storage containers, they will need to be moved out of the garage.

Moving tools and equipment from a garage is challenging for many homeowners. It’s easy for our garage spaces to become unorganized throughout the years.

If you are working with a professional concrete coating company, you can receive help with moving items. Receiving help will reduce the hassle of your floor coating service. 

Planning The Design

Before a concrete coating company can apply the product, you will need to choose which design you want. There are various garage floor coating options to compliment your space.

At Penntek Coatings, we offer the following options for our customers:

  • Chip System
  • Quartz System
  • Solid Color Epoxy
  • Solid Color Polyurea

Once you have decided on the type of floor coating, you can have a plan for the project. The installers will be able to complete your project within 24 hours. 

Choosing Additional Safety Features

Garages can be a location that needs to handle constant foot traffic and harsh usage. If you want to ensure the safety of your garage, you should select the safety features.

When developing the floor coating, the installers can add safety features to your garage. Some popular options are non-slip textures for the flooring.

By applying the non-slip textures, you can reduce the risk of slipping and falling in the garage. Having additional safety features will also add value to the space. 

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